Binary package “wu-ftpd” in ubuntu precise

powerful and widely used FTP server

 This FTP daemon, originally from the Washington University of St. Louis,
 is a powerful, and widely used replacement FTP server for Unix systems.
 The FTP protocol is a method of transferring files between machines on
 a network and/or over the Internet.
 Besides fully supporting the FTP protocol defined in RFCs 959 and
 1579 (and others), it adds the following features:
     o logging of transfers,
     o logging of commands,
     o on the fly compression and archiving,
     o classification of users on type and location,
     o per class limits,
     o per directory upload permissions,
     o restricted guest accounts,
     o system wide and per directory messages,
     o directory aliases,
     o cdpath,
     o filename filter,
     o virtual host support (similar to the Apache HTTP server).
 This release is maintained by the WU-FTPD Development Group as a
 public service to the Internet.