Binary package “wv” in ubuntu precise

Programs for accessing Microsoft Word documents

 wvWare (previously known as mswordview) is a library that allows access
 to Microsoft Word files. It can load and parse the Word 2000, Word 97,
 Word 95, and Word 6 file formats. (Work is underway to support reading
 earlier formats as well: Word 2 documents are converted to plain text.)
 This package provides the following programs:
  * wvWare: Converts to HTML and LaTeX. It's used by a small army of
    helper scripts able to preview Word documents and convert them to
    various other formats, like PostScript, PDF, DVI, etc.
  * wvRTF: Converts to Microsoft's Rich Text Format.
  * wvSummary: Displays the summary information stream of all OLE2 files,
    i.e. Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Access, etc.
  * wvVersion: Outputs the version of the Word format a document is stored
 Note that conversion to DVI, PostScript, or PDF requires the 'texlive'
 package; PDF conversion also requires Ghostscript. Having ELinks, Links,
 or Lynx will greatly improve the plain text output. ImageMagick may help
 with the quality of images. If you wish to preview Word documents from
 the comfort of your mail reader, install a PostScript viewer like gv.