firefox source package in Precise

abrowser: No summary available for abrowser in ubuntu oneiric.
abrowser-branding: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - transitional package
firefox: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla
firefox-branding: No summary available for firefox-branding in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-dbg: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - debug symbols
firefox-dev: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - development files
firefox-globalmenu: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla (transitional package)
firefox-gnome-support: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - GNOME support
firefox-gnome-support-dbg: No summary available for firefox-gnome-support-dbg in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-af: No summary available for firefox-locale-af in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ar: No summary available for firefox-locale-ar in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-as: Assamese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ast: Asturian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-be: No summary available for firefox-locale-be in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-bg: Bulgarian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-bn: No summary available for firefox-locale-bn in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-br: Breton language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-bs: No summary available for firefox-locale-bs in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ca: No summary available for firefox-locale-ca in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-cs: Czech language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-cy: Welsh language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-da: No summary available for firefox-locale-da in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-de: German language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-el: No summary available for firefox-locale-el in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-en: English language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-eo: Esperanto language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-es: No summary available for firefox-locale-es in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-et: Estonian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-eu: Basque language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-fa: Persian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-fi: No summary available for firefox-locale-fi in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-fr: No summary available for firefox-locale-fr in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-fy: No summary available for firefox-locale-fy in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ga: Irish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-gd: No summary available for firefox-locale-gd in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-gl: No summary available for firefox-locale-gl in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-gu: Gujarati language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-he: No summary available for firefox-locale-he in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-hi: Hindi language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-hr: No summary available for firefox-locale-hr in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-hu: Hungarian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-hy: No summary available for firefox-locale-hy in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-id: No summary available for firefox-locale-id in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-is: No summary available for firefox-locale-is in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-it: Italian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ja: No summary available for firefox-locale-ja in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ka: Georgian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-kk: No summary available for firefox-locale-kk in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-kn: No summary available for firefox-locale-kn in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ko: Korean language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ku: No summary available for firefox-locale-ku in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-lg: No summary available for firefox-locale-lg in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-lt: No summary available for firefox-locale-lt in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-lv: Latvian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-mai: Maithili language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-mk: No summary available for firefox-locale-mk in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ml: Malayalam language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-mn: No summary available for firefox-locale-mn in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-mr: No summary available for firefox-locale-mr in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-nb: Bokmål, Norwegian; Norwegian Bokmål language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-nl: Dutch; Flemish language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-nn: Norwegian Nynorsk; Nynorsk, Norwegian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-nso: Transitional package for unavailable language
firefox-locale-oc: No summary available for firefox-locale-oc in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-or: Oriya language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-pa: No summary available for firefox-locale-pa in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-pl: No summary available for firefox-locale-pl in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-pt: Portuguese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-ro: No summary available for firefox-locale-ro in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ru: Russian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-si: Sinhala; Sinhalese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-sk: No summary available for firefox-locale-sk in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-sl: No summary available for firefox-locale-sl in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-sq: No summary available for firefox-locale-sq in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-sr: No summary available for firefox-locale-sr in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-sv: No summary available for firefox-locale-sv in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-sw: No summary available for firefox-locale-sw in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-ta: Tamil language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-te: No summary available for firefox-locale-te in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-th: Thai language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-tr: No summary available for firefox-locale-tr in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-uk: Ukrainian language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-vi: No summary available for firefox-locale-vi in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-locale-zh-hans: Simplified Chinese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-zh-hant: Traditional Chinese language pack for Firefox
firefox-locale-zu: No summary available for firefox-locale-zu in ubuntu oneiric.
firefox-mozsymbols: Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla - Breakpad symbols

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Firefox delivers safe, easy web browsing. A familiar user interface, enhanced security features including protection from online identity theft, and integrated search let you get the most out of the web.

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Bug tracker: yes
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