qt4-x11 source package in Precise

libqt4-assistant: No summary available for libqt4-assistant in ubuntu oneiric.
libqt4-core: transitional package for Qt 4 core non-GUI runtime libraries
libqt4-dbg: Qt 4 library debugging symbols
libqt4-dbus: No summary available for libqt4-dbus in ubuntu oneiric.
libqt4-declarative: No summary available for libqt4-declarative in ubuntu oneiric.
libqt4-declarative-folderlistmodel: No summary available for libqt4-declarative-folderlistmodel in ubuntu oneiric.
libqt4-declarative-gestures: Qt 4 gestures QML plugin
libqt4-declarative-particles: No summary available for libqt4-declarative-particles in ubuntu oneiric.
libqt4-declarative-shaders: Qt 4 shaders QML plugin
libqt4-designer: No summary available for libqt4-designer in ubuntu oneiric.
libqt4-designer-dbg: Qt 4 designer library debugging symbols
libqt4-dev: Qt 4 development files
libqt4-gui: transitional package for Qt 4 GUI runtime libraries
libqt4-help: Qt 4 help module
libqt4-network: No summary available for libqt4-network in ubuntu oneiric.
libqt4-opengl: No summary available for libqt4-opengl in ubuntu oneiric.
libqt4-opengl-dev: No summary available for libqt4-opengl-dev in ubuntu oneiric.
libqt4-private-dev: Qt 4 private development files
libqt4-qt3support: Qt 3 compatibility library for Qt 4
libqt4-qt3support-dbg: Qt 3 compatibility library for Qt 4 debugging symbols
libqt4-script: Qt 4 script module
libqt4-script-dbg: No summary available for libqt4-script-dbg in ubuntu oneiric.
libqt4-scripttools: Qt 4 script tools module
libqt4-sql: No summary available for libqt4-sql in ubuntu oneiric.
libqt4-sql-mysql: Qt 4 MySQL database driver
libqt4-sql-odbc: Qt 4 ODBC database driver
libqt4-sql-psql: Qt 4 PostgreSQL database driver
libqt4-sql-sqlite: No summary available for libqt4-sql-sqlite in ubuntu oneiric.
libqt4-sql-tds: Qt 4 FreeTDS database driver
libqt4-svg: Qt 4 SVG module
libqt4-test: No summary available for libqt4-test in ubuntu oneiric.
libqt4-webkit: transitional package for Qt 4 WebKit module
libqt4-webkit-dbg: transitional package for Qt 4 WebKit debugging symbols
libqt4-xml: No summary available for libqt4-xml in ubuntu oneiric.
libqt4-xmlpatterns: No summary available for libqt4-xmlpatterns in ubuntu oneiric.
libqt4-xmlpatterns-dbg: Qt 4 XML patterns library debugging symbols
libqtcore4: No summary available for libqtcore4 in ubuntu oneiric.
libqtgui4: Qt 4 GUI module
qdbus: Qt 4 D-Bus tool
qt4-bin-dbg: Qt 4 binaries debugging symbols
qt4-demos: Qt 4 examples and demos
qt4-demos-dbg: No summary available for qt4-demos-dbg in ubuntu oneiric.
qt4-designer: No summary available for qt4-designer in ubuntu oneiric.
qt4-dev-tools: Qt 4 development tools
qt4-doc: No summary available for qt4-doc in ubuntu oneiric.
qt4-doc-html: Qt 4 API documentation (HTML format)
qt4-linguist-tools: No summary available for qt4-linguist-tools in ubuntu oneiric.
qt4-qmake: No summary available for qt4-qmake in ubuntu oneiric.
qt4-qmlviewer: Qt 4 QML viewer
qt4-qtconfig: Qt 4 configuration tool

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