texlive-pstricks 2009-10ubuntu1 (amd64 binary) in ubuntu precise

 This package includes the following CTAN packages:
  auto-pst-pdf -- Wrapper for pst-pdf (with some psfrag features).
  bclogo -- Creating colourful boxes with logos.
  makeplot -- Easy plots from Matlab in LaTeX.
  pdftricks -- Support for pstricks in pdfTeX.
  psbao -- Draw Bao diagrams.
  pst-2dplot -- A PSTricks package for drawing 2D curves.
  pst-3d -- A PSTricks package for tilting and other pseudo-3D tricks.
  pst-3dplot -- Draw 3d curves and graphs using PSTricks.
  pst-abspos -- Put objects at an absolute position.
  pst-asr -- Typeset autosegmental representations for linguists.
  pst-bar -- Produces bar charts using pstricks.
  pst-barcode -- Print barcodes using PostScript.
  pst-bezier -- Draw Bezier curves.
  pst-blur -- PSTricks package for "blurred" shadows.
  pst-bspline -- Draw cubic Bspline curves and interpolations.
  pst-calendar -- Plot calendars in "fancy" ways.
  pst-circ -- PSTricks package for drawing electric circuits.
  pst-coil -- A PSTricks package for coils, etc.
  pst-cox -- Drawing regular complex polytopes with PSTricks.
  pst-dbicons -- Support for drawing ER diagrams.
  pst-diffraction -- Print diffraction patterns from various apertures.
  pst-eps -- Create EPS files from PSTricks figures.
  pst-eucl -- Euclidian geometry with pstricks.
  pst-fill -- Fill or tile areas with PSTricks.
  pst-fr3d -- Draw 3-dimensional framed boxes using PSTricks.
  pst-fractal -- Draw fractal sets using PSTricks.
  pst-fun -- Draw "funny" objects with PSTricks.
  pst-func -- PSTricks package for plotting mathematical functions.
  pst-gantt -- Draw GANTT charts with pstricks.
  pst-geo -- Geographical Projections
  pst-ghsb --
  pst-gr3d -- Three dimensional grids with PSTricks.
  pst-grad -- Filling with colour gradients, using PStricks.
  pst-infixplot -- Using pstricks plotting capacities with infix expressions
   rather than RPN
  pst-jtree -- Typeset complex trees for linguists.
  pst-labo -- Draw objects for Chemistry laboratories.
  pst-lens -- Lenses with PSTricks.
  pst-light3d -- 3D lighting effects for pstricks.
  pst-math -- Enhancement of PostScript math operators to use with pstricks
  pst-ob3d -- Three dimensional objects using PSTricks.
  pst-optexp -- Drawing optical experimental setups.
  pst-optic -- Drawing optics diagrams.
  pst-osci -- Oscgons with PSTricks.
  pst-pad -- Draw simple attachment systems with PSTricks.
  pst-pdgr -- Draw medical pedigrees using pstricks.
  pst-poly -- Polygons with PSTricks.
  pst-qtree -- Simple syntax for trees.
  pst-sigsys -- Support of signal processing-related disciplines.
  pst-slpe -- Sophisticated colour gradients.
  pst-spectra -- Draw continuum, emission and absorption spectra with
  pst-solides3d -- Draw perspective views of 3D solids.
  pst-soroban -- Draw a Soroban using PSTricks.
  pst-stru -- Civil engineering diagrams, using pstricks.
  pst-support -- Assorted support files for use with PStricks.
  pst-text -- Text and character manipulation in PSTricks.
  pst-tree -- Trees, using pstricks.
  pst-uml -- UML diagrams with PSTricks.
  pst-vowel -- Enable arrows showing diphthongs on vowel charts.
  pst-vue3d -- Draw perspective views of three dimensional objects.
  pst2pdf -- A script to compile pstricks documents via pdftex.
  pstricks -- PostScript macros for TeX.
  pstricks-add -- A collection of add-ons and bugfixes for PSTricks.
  uml -- UML diagrams in LaTeX.
  vaucanson-g -- PSTricks macros for drawing automata


Package version:
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