konq-plugins 4:4.7.2-0ubuntu1 (armel binary) in ubuntu precise

 This package contains a variety of useful plugins for Konqueror, the
 file manager, web browser and document viewer for KDE. Many of these
 plugins will appear in Konqueror's Tools menu.
 Web navigation plugins:
  - Akregator feed icon: allows one to add a feed to Akregator from Konqueror
  - Auto Refresh: refresh a webpage at a given rate
  - Bookmarklets: enables the use of bookmarklets, bookmarks containing
    JavaScript code
  - Document Relations: displays the document relations of a document
  - DOM Tree Viewer: view the DOM tree of the current page
  - KHTML Settings: fast way to change the JavaScript/images/cookies settings
  - Microformat Icon: displays an icon in the statusbar if the page contains
    a microformat
  - Search Bar: launches web searches from the Konqueror's toolbar
  - Translate: language translation for the current page using Babelfish
  - UserAgent Changer: quick switch of the UserAgent used for the current site
  - Website Validators: CSS and HTML validation tools
  - Web Archiver: creates archives of websites
  - Crash manager: restores your opened tabs if Konqueror crashes (disabled
    by default as Konqueror has this feature builtin)
 File management plugins:
  - Image Gallery: an easy way to generate a HTML image gallery
  - File Size View (kpart): a proportional view of directories and files
    based on file size
  - Transform Image (service menu): rotate and flip images
  - Convert To (service menu): convert and image to another format
  - Directory Filter (dolphin): filter directory views
 These plugins are not part of the official KDE Software Compilation, they
 are a KDE Extragear software and may get out of sync with Konqueror.


Package version:
kde-baseapps 4:4.7.2-0ubuntu1 source package in Ubuntu