spass binary package in Ubuntu Precise armhf

 SPASS is a saturation-based automated theorem prover for first-order logic with
 equality. It is unique due to the combination of the superposition calculus
 with specific inference/reduction rules for sorts (types) and a splitting rule
 for case analysis motivated by the beta-rule of analytic tableaux and the case
 analysis employed in the Davis-Putnam procedure. Furthermore, SPASS provides a
 sophisticated clause normal form translation.
 This package consists of the SPASS/FLOTTER binary, documentation, and a small
 example collection. The tools collections contain the proof checker pcs, the
 syntax translators dfg2otter and dfg2tptp, and the ASCII pretty printer
 For more information, additional and partly huge example collections, consider
 the project homepage at

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  2011-12-02 13:04:56 UTC Published Ubuntu Precise armhf release universe science Optional 3.7-3
  • Published on 2011-12-02

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