gwibber source package in Quantal

gir1.2-gwibber-0.2: typelib file for libgwibber2
gir1.2-gwibber-gtk-0.2: Typelib file for libgwibber-gtk2
gwibber: Open source social networking client for GNOME
gwibber-service: Open source social networking client for GNOME
gwibber-service-digg: Digg plugin for Gwibber
gwibber-service-facebook: Facebook plugin for Gwibber
gwibber-service-flickr: Flickr plugin for Gwibber
gwibber-service-foursquare: Foursquare plugin for Gwibber
gwibber-service-friendfeed: Friendfeed plugin for Gwibber
gwibber-service-identica: plugin for Gwibber
gwibber-service-pingfm: pingfm plugin for Gwibber
gwibber-service-qaiku: Qaiku plugin for Gwibber
gwibber-service-statusnet: Status.Net plugin for Gwibber
gwibber-service-twitter: Twitter plugin for Gwibber
libgwibber-dev: Gwibber - shared library
libgwibber-gtk-dev: Gwibber - shared library
libgwibber-gtk2: Gwibber GTK Widgets
libgwibber2: Gwibber - shared library
unity-lens-gwibber: Gwibber Lens for unity

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There is no current release of this source package in The Quantal Quetzal. You can still report bugs, make translations, and so on, but they might not be used until the package is published.

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No published releases of this package have been uploaded in Ubuntu Quantal

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Gwibber is an open source microblogging client for GNOME developed with Python and GTK. It supports Twitter,, StatusNet, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, FriendFeed, and Qaiku.

Bug supervisor: yes
Bug tracker: yes
Branch: yes
Translations: yes

There are no registered releases for the Gwibber ⇒ 3.4.