ncurses source package in Quantal

lib32ncurses5: No summary available for lib32ncurses5 in ubuntu quantal.
lib32ncurses5-dev: No summary available for lib32ncurses5-dev in ubuntu quantal.
lib32ncursesw5: No summary available for lib32ncursesw5 in ubuntu quantal.
lib32ncursesw5-dev: developer's libraries for ncursesw (32-bit)
lib32tinfo-dev: No summary available for lib32tinfo-dev in ubuntu quantal.
lib32tinfo5: shared low-level terminfo library for terminal handling (32-bit)
lib64ncurses5: No summary available for lib64ncurses5 in ubuntu quantal.
lib64ncurses5-dev: developer's libraries for ncurses (64-bit)
lib64tinfo5: shared low-level terminfo library for terminal handling (64-bit)
libncurses5: shared libraries for terminal handling
libncurses5-dbg: No summary available for libncurses5-dbg in ubuntu quantal.
libncurses5-dev: No summary available for libncurses5-dev in ubuntu quantal.
libncursesw5: shared libraries for terminal handling (wide character support)
libncursesw5-dbg: debugging/profiling libraries for ncursesw
libncursesw5-dev: No summary available for libncursesw5-dev in ubuntu quantal.
libtinfo-dev: No summary available for libtinfo-dev in ubuntu quantal.
libtinfo5: shared low-level terminfo library for terminal handling
libtinfo5-dbg: debugging/profiling library for the low-level terminfo library
ncurses-base: No summary available for ncurses-base in ubuntu quantal.
ncurses-bin: terminal-related programs and man pages
ncurses-doc: developer's guide and documentation for ncurses
ncurses-examples: test programs and examples for ncurses
ncurses-term: additional terminal type definitions

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There is no current release of this source package in The Quantal Quetzal. You can still report bugs, make translations, and so on, but they might not be used until the package is published.

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The GNU ProjectNcursesmain

Ncurses is a free emulation of curses, which is a library for creating textual user interfaces.

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