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openvswitch-brcompat: No summary available for openvswitch-brcompat in ubuntu quantal.
openvswitch-common: Open vSwitch common components
openvswitch-controller: No summary available for openvswitch-controller in ubuntu quantal.
openvswitch-datapath-dkms: Open vSwitch datapath module source - DKMS version
openvswitch-datapath-source: No summary available for openvswitch-datapath-source in ubuntu quantal.
openvswitch-dbg: Debug symbols for Open vSwitch packages
openvswitch-ipsec: No summary available for openvswitch-ipsec in ubuntu quantal.
openvswitch-pki: No summary available for openvswitch-pki in ubuntu quantal.
openvswitch-switch: Open vSwitch switch implementations
openvswitch-test: Open vSwitch test package
ovsdbmonitor: Open vSwitch graphical monitoring tool
python-openvswitch: Python bindings for Open vSwitch

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Open vSwitch is a production quality, multilayer virtual switch licensed under the open source Apache 2.0 license. It is designed to enable massive network automation through programmatic extension, while still supporting standard management interfaces (e.g. NetFlow, sFlow, RSPAN, ERSPAN, CLI). In addition, it is designed to support distribution across multiple physical servers similar to VMware’s vNetwork distributed vswitch or Cisco’s Nexus 1000V.

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