“ubuntu-dev-tools” 0.143ubuntu0.2 source package in The Quantal Quetzal

Publishing history

PUBLISHED: Quantal pocket Updates in component universe and section devel
  • Published on 2012-11-20
DELETED: Quantal pocket Proposed in component universe and section devel
  • Removal requested on 2012-11-22.
  • Deleted on 2012-11-22 by Adam Conrad

    moved to -updates

  • Published on 2012-11-13


ubuntu-dev-tools (0.143ubuntu0.2) quantal-proposed; urgency=low

  * Cherry-pick some bug fixes from 0.145:
    - requestsync: We now sync to proposed (LP: #1073060)
    - syncpackage: syncpackage: Don't throw away release pockets, returning
      correct errors when the source and destination match even though the
      destination release pocket doesn't.
 -- Stefano Rivera <email address hidden>   Tue, 06 Nov 2012 23:12:34 +0200