python-neo binary package in Ubuntu Quantal armhf

 NEO stands for Neural Ensemble Objects and is a project to provide common
 classes and concepts for dealing with electro-physiological (in vivo
 and/or simulated) data to facilitate collaborative software/algorithm
 development. In particular Neo provides: a set a classes for data
 representation with precise definitions, an IO module with a simple API,
 documentation, and a set of examples.
 NEO offers support for reading data from numerous proprietary file formats
 (e.g. Spike2, Plexon, AlphaOmega, BlackRock, Axon), read/write support for
 various open formats (e.g. KlustaKwik, Elan, WinEdr, WinWcp, PyNN), as well
 as support common file formats, such as HDF5 with Neo-structured content
 (NeoHDF5, NeoMatlab).
 Neo's IO facilities can be seen as a pure-Python and open-source Neuroshare

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  2015-04-24 11:19:49 UTC Obsolete Ubuntu Quantal armhf release universe python Extra 0.2.0-1
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  • Published on 2012-05-02
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