linux-armadaxp source package in Raring

block-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: Block storage devices
crypto-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: crypto modules
fs-core-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: Base filesystem modules
fs-secondary-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: Extra filesystem modules
input-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: Support for various input methods
irda-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: Support for Infrared protocols
kernel-image-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: Linux kernel binary image for the Debian installer
linux-headers-3.5.0-1603: Header files related to Linux kernel version 3.5.0
linux-headers-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp: Linux kernel headers for version 3.5.0 on Marvell Armada XP based systems
linux-image-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp: Linux kernel image for version 3.5.0 on Marvell Armada XP based systems
md-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: Multi-device support (raid, device-mapper, lvm)
nic-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: Network interface support
nic-shared-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: nic shared modules
nic-usb-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: USB network interface support
parport-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: Parallel port support
plip-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: PLIP (parallel port) networking support
ppp-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: PPP (serial port) networking support
scsi-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: SCSI storage support
squashfs-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: squashfs modules
storage-core-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: Core storage support
usb-modules-3.5.0-1603-armadaxp-di: Core USB support

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