Binary package “all-knowing-dns” in ubuntu trusty

tiny DNS server for IPv6 Reverse DNS

 AllKnowingDNS provides reverse DNS for IPv6 networks which use SLAAC
 (autoconf), e.g. for a /64 network.
 The problem with IPv6 reverse DNS and traditional nameservers is that the
 nameserver requires you to provide a zone file. Assuming you want to provide
 RDNS for a /64 network, you have 2**64 = 18446744073709551616 different usable
 IP addresses (a little less if you are using SLAAC). Providing a zone file for
 that, even in a very terse notation, would consume a huge amount of disk space
 and could not possibly be held in the memory of the computers available
 AllKnowingDNS instead generates PTR and AAAA records on the fly. You only
 configure which network you want to serve and what your entries should look