Binary package “ats-lang-anairiats” in ubuntu trusty

Legacy ATS v1 language compiler, named Anairiats

 ATS is a programming language with a highly expressive type system
 rooted in the framework Applied Type System. In particular, both
 dependent types and linear types are available in ATS. The current
 implementation of ATS (ATS/Anairiats) is written in ATS itself. It
 can be as efficient as C/C++ and supports a variety of programming
 In addition, ATS contains a component ATS/LF that supports a form of
 (interactive) theorem proving, where proofs are constructed as total
 functions. With this component, ATS advocates a programming style
 that combines programming with theorem proving. Furthermore, this
 component may be used as a logical framework to encode various
 deduction systems and their (meta-)properties.
 This package contains the compiler atsopt, the frontend atscc, and
 the lexer atslex.
 This is the final release of ATS1. Please migrate your code to ATS2/Postiats,
 the compiler frontend patscc (patsopt), in the package ats2-lang. This
 package is for legacy code and bootstrapping purposes.