Binary package “bilibop-common” in ubuntu trusty

shell functions for bilibop scripts

 Bilibop helps to maintain a Debian GNU/Linux operating system installed
 on an external media (USB, FireWire, Flash memory, eSATA). It hardens
 standard rules and policies to make the system more robust in this
 particular situation.
 This package provides shell functions usable by other bilibop scripts on the
 running system or into the initramfs environment. These functions use /dev,
 /proc and /sys databases to output the drive name or the partition hosting
 the running system, and are fully usable by any unprivileged user or
 application. Dm-crypt, LVM, loop devices and aufs root filesystems (and any
 combination of them) are supported. A 'drivemap' command is also provided,
 to show block devices in a tree of dependencies.
 Some features may require Linux kernel 2.6.37 or higher to work properly.