Binary package “catdoc” in ubuntu trusty

MS-Word to TeX or plain text converter

 This program extracts text from MS-Word files, trying to preserve
 as many special printable characters as possible. catdoc supports
 everything up to Word-97. Also supported are MS Write documents and RTF
 It doesn't even try to preserve fancy Word formatting, because
 Word users usually don't care about document structure, and it is
 this very thing which is important to LaTeX users.
 Also provided is xls2csv, which extracts data from Excel spreadsheets
 and outputs it in comma-separated-value format and catppt, which extracts
 data from PowerPoint presentations.
 This package suggests tk because it also includes wordview, an
 optional Tk-based GUI for catdoc. The MIME config provided in this
 package will use wordview if X is running, or catdoc directly if it
 is not.