Binary package “cpanminus” in ubuntu trusty

script to get, unpack, build and install modules from CPAN

 cpanminus provides a command-line (non interactive) interface to
 automatically download, build and install Perl modules from CPAN.
 It requires zero configuration, and stands alone. It also has a very low memory
 footprint compared to similar software: when running, it requires only 10MB of
 It installs to wherever ExtUtils::MakeMaker and Module::Build are
 configured to. So if you're using local::lib, then it installs to your
 local perl5 directory. Otherwise it installs to the siteperl directory.
 cpanminus at a boot time checks whether you have configured local::lib,
 or have the permission to install modules to the sitelib directory. If
 neither, it automatically sets up local::lib compatible installation
 path in a perl5 directory under your home directory.