Binary package “cuetools” in ubuntu trusty

tools for manipulating CUE/TOC files

 cuetools is a set of programs that are useful for manipulating CUE sheet
 (cue) files and Table of Contents (toc) files. CUE and TOC files are a way
 to represent the layout of a data or audio CD in a machine-readable ASCII
 format. The package includes these utilities:
    - cueconvert: convert between CUE and TOC formats
    - cuebreakpoints: print the breakpoints from a CUE or TOC file
    - cueprint: print disc and track information for a CUE or TOC file
    - cuetag: tag files based on CUE/TOC file information
 Probably the most popular use is to split a large audio file into many
 small files according to a CUE or TOC, for example:
 cuebreakpoints disc.cue | shnsplit disc.wav