Binary package “cupt” in ubuntu trusty

alternative front-end for dpkg -- console interface

 This package provides a console interface to Cupt library, which is a
 re-implementation of libapt-pkg C++ library. The aim is to produce
 more strict, more robust, less buggy front-end than APT.
 Cupt uses the same APT infrastructure, e.g. index files, deb cache archive
 files, configuration files. It understands some of widely used APT options.
 Some features:
  - strict full-case resolver;
  - resolver reasons tracking;
  - command-line and 'cupt::*' option name checker;
  - case-sensitive search;
  - pinning by source package name;
  - pinning by package groups using shell-like patterns;
  - configurable 'depends' and 'rdepends' subcommands;
  - 'satisfy' subcommand;
  - support of LZMA-compressed indexes;
  - source versions synchronization;
  - 'shell' subcommand (to get command history, search etc. working, install
    the package 'libreadline6');
  - integration with debdelta (to get it, install the package 'debdelta');
  - system snapshots (needs packages 'dpkg-dev' and 'dpkg-repack').
 Its interface is mostly like apt-get/aptitude console interface.
 Cupt has built-in support for APT repositories using the file:// or copy://
 URL schemas. For access to remote repositories using HTTP or FTP, install a
 download method such as libcupt3-0-downloadmethod-curl.