Binary package “dimbl” in ubuntu trusty

Distributed Memory Based Learner

 Dimbl is a wrapper around the k-nearest neighbor classifier in TiMBL, offering
 parallel classification on multi-CPU machines. Dimbl splits the original
 training set, builds separate TiMBL classifiers per training subset, and
 merges their nearest-neighbor sets per classified instance
 Dimbl's features are:
  * Wraps neatly around TiMBL, retaining all command line options;
  * Knows what to do with your multiple, duo, or quad cores;
  * Makes use of the OpenMP specification for parallel programming;
  * Can attain superlinear speed gains compared to standard TiMBL.
 Dimbl is a product of the ILK Research Group (Tilburg University, The
 If you do scientific research in Natural Language Processing using the
 Memory-Based Learning technique, Dimbl will likely be of use to you.