Binary package “ekg” in ubuntu trusty

console Gadu Gadu client for UNIX systems - ncurses UI

 EKG ("Eksperymentalny Klient Gadu-Gadu") is an open source
 Gadu-Gadu client for UNIX systems. Gadu-Gadu is an instant
 messaging program, very popular in Poland.
 EKG features include:
   - irssi-like ncurses interface with mouse support
   - sending and receiving files
   - voice conversations
   - launching shell commands on certain events
   - reading input from pipe
   - Python scripting support
   - speech synthesis (using an external program)
   - encryption support
 Please note that the program is not internationalized and all messages are in
 Polish (although the commands are in English).
 This package contains the program built with just the (text) ncurses user
 interface. If you want to use the GTK+ graphical interface, install the
 ekg-gtk package as well.