Binary package “elk-lapw” in ubuntu trusty

All-Electron Density-Functional Electronic Structure Code

 Elk is an all-electron full-potential linearised augmented-plane wave
 (FP-LAPW) code. By not including pseudo-potentials, Elk can provide very
 reliable high-precision results and works for every chemical element. Features
  * FP-LAPW basis with local-orbitals
  * APW radial derivative matching to arbitrary orders at muffin-tin surface
    (super-LAPW, etc.)
  * Arbitrary number of local-orbitals allowed (all core states can be made
    valence for example)
  * Total energies resolved into components
  * LSDA and GGA functionals available
  * Isolated molecules or periodic systems
  * Core states treated with the radial Dirac equation
 Elk is parallelized via OpenMP.