Binary package “gjots2” in ubuntu trusty

Simple jotter (outline processor) for X11/gtk-gnome

 gjots2 is a fairly simple jotter (outline processor) and notetaking
 application for your desktop.
 You can use gjots2 to organize your jottings into a tree structure, adding
 thoughts and miscellany as you go. You can get it to spit out HTML, XML,
 postscript, pdf, man, etc if you want (see the online manual for an example
 of the HTML conversion).
 Some people use it for notes, personal bits and pieces, recipes, DocBook XML
 documents and even PINs and passwords (encrypted with ccrypt(1), openssl(1)
 or gpg(1)).
 It's a bit like the KDE program kjots but it uses the GTK-2 library.