Binary package “gpg-remailer” in ubuntu trusty

Forwards re-encrypted PGP/GPG mail to a group

 Gpg-remailer is somewhat similar to ordinary mailing list software, but all
 e-mail processed by gpg-remailer is PGP/GPG signed and encrypted.
 Gpg-remailer decrypts received PGP/GPG messages, verifies the received
 signature and re-encrypts the e-mail for the members of a well defined group
 of recipients. Using gpg-remailer the list of members of a group of people
 who want to exchange encrypted and authenticated e-mail can be maintained at
 one location, allowing the members of the group to specify just one e-mail
 address to send PGP/GPG signed and encrypted e-mail to.
 Gpg-remailer recognizes the following e-mail formats:
     * Standard simple encrypted messages.
     * Multi-part encrypted messages.
     * Encrypted messages containing detached signatures.