Binary package “kephra” in ubuntu trusty

gui text editor along Perl alike Paradigms

 Kephra is gui text editor writen in Perl but not only for Perl
 The features of Kephra are:
  - File: file sessions, history, simple templates, open all of a dir, insert,
    autosave by timer, save copy as, rename, close all other, detection if
    file where changed elsewhere
  - Editing: unlimited undo with fast modes, replace (clipboard and
    selection), line edit functions, move line/selection, indenting, block
    formating, delete trailing space, comment, convert (case, space or
    indention) rectangular selection with mouse and keyboard, auto- and
  - Navigation: bracenav, blocknav, doc spanning bookmarks, goto last edit,
    last doc, rich search, incremental search, searchbar and search dialog
  - Tools: run script (integrated output panel), notepad panel, color picker
  - Doc Property: syntax mode, codepage, tab use, tab width, EOL, write
  - View: all app parts and margins can be switched on and off,
    syntaxhighlighting bracelight, ight margin, indention guide, caret line,
    line wrap, EOL marker, visible whitespace, changeable font
  - Configs: config files to be opened through a menu: settings, all menus,
    commandID's, event binding, icon binding, key binding, localisation
    (translate just one file to transelate the app), syntaxmodes and some help
    texts to be opened as normal files