Binary package “libiec61883-dev” in ubuntu trusty

an partial implementation of IEC 61883

 This library is an implementation of IEC 61883, part 1 (CIP, plug
 registers, and CMP), part 2 (DV-SD), part 4 (MPEG2-TS), and part 6
 (AMDTP). Outside of IIDC, nearly all FireWire multimedia devices use IEC
 61883 protocols.
 The libiec61883 library provides a higher level API for streaming DV,
 MPEG-2 and audio over Linux IEEE 1394. This includes both reception and
 transmission. It uses the new "rawiso" API of libraw1394, which
 transparently provides mmap-ed DMA for efficient data transfer. It also
 represents the third generation of I/O technology for Linux 1394 for
 these media types thereby removing the complexities of additional kernel
 modules, /dev nodes, and procfs. It also consolidates features for plug
 control registers and connection management that previously existed in
 experimental form in an unreleased version of libavc1394.
 These are development files for libiec61883 library.