Binary package “libslicot-dev” in ubuntu trusty

numerical algorithms from systems and control theory (static library)

 SLICOT (Subroutine Library In COntrol Theory) is a general purpose basic
 mathematical library for control theoretical computations. The library
 provides tools to perform essential system analysis and synthesis tasks. The
 main emphasis in SLICOT is on numerical reliability of implemented algorithms
 and the numerical robustness and efficiency of routines. Providing algorithmic
 flexibility and the use of rigorous implementation and documentation standards
 are other SLICOT features.
 SLICOT is written is Fortran 77 and builds upon the numerical linear algebra
 routines from BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines) and LAPACK (Linear
 Algebra PACKage).
 This package contains a static version of the library.