Binary package “med-config” in ubuntu trusty

Debian Med general config package

 This package provides the basic infrastructure of all metapackages assembled
 by the Debian Med team.
 This metapackage provides common features shared between the different
 metapackages of the project. Moreover it introduces a method to handle a
 'med' system users group using debconf.
 The Debian Med Project include metapackages for different tasks, which are:
  * applications for microbiological research and support for development of
    biological applications
  * cloud computing in microbiological research
  * drug databases
  * dental surgery practice
  * epidemiology and medical statistics
  * image processing and support for imaging application development
  * pharmacological research
  * radiation oncology, diagnostic imaging and related fields
  * medical practice
  * psychological research and practice
  * rehabilitation
  * typesetting and publishing
  * miscellaneous tools
 Each task is represented by a metapackage. Metapackages do not contain
 executable programs, but rather dependencies from other packages. This way
 you will conveniently get all free medical software which is available for
 Debian by simply installing the relevant metapackage