Binary package “python-cloud-sptheme” in ubuntu trusty

Cloud Sphinx theme and related extensions

 cloud_sptheme contains a Sphinx theme named "Cloud", and some related
 Sphinx extensions. Cloud and its extensions are primarily oriented
 towards generating html documentation for Python libraries. It provides
 numerous small enhancements to make the html documentation more
 interactive, and improve the layout on mobile devices.
 In addition to the Cloud theme, this package provides a few extra Sphinx
 extensions which may be useful when documenting Python projects; and
 should be theme-agnostic:
   Patches the sphinx.ext.autodoc to handle RST section headers inside
   Adds a special :issue: role for quickly linking to your project's
   issue tracker.
   Patches Sphinx to permit escaped {} characters within a :samp: role.
   Enhances .. table directive to support per-column text alignment and
   other layout features.
 This package contains the Python 2 version of cloud_sptheme.