“gtk+3.0” 3.10.6-0ubuntu1 source package in The Trusty Tahr

Publishing history

SUPERSEDED: Trusty pocket Proposed in component main and section libs
  • Removed from disk on 2013-12-12.
  • Removal requested on 2013-12-12.
  • Superseded on 2013-12-11 by gtk+3.0 - 3.10.6-0ubuntu2
  • Published on 2013-12-10



gtk+3.0 (3.10.6-0ubuntu1) trusty; urgency=low

  * New upstream version, should fix those issues:
    - gedit invalid free when some ims are used (lp: #1196523)
    - eog geometry being wrong cause some scaling for the image (lp: #1247564)
    - scroll issue when using the mouse wheel (lp: #1240957, #1184159)
    - the fileselector uses a new sidebar for more consistency with nautilus
      (lp: #937971)
  * debian/control.in:
    - Build-Depends on dbus-x11n g_test_dbus_up() is using dbus-launch
    - Build-Depends on at-spi2-core, needed for the tests
    - updated cairo, glib, wayland requirements
  * Renamed some patches to follow in serie and indicate correct origin
  * debian/patches/git_bookmark_ellipsize.patch:
    - dropped, the fix is in the new version
  * debian/patches/git_menu_separator_style.patch:
    - backport upstream commit for theming issues
  * debian/rules:
    - copy build hacks from debian to use local schemas
    - drop armhf -O0 workaround, gcc got fixed since
    - workaround build issues due to autogenerated wayland sources

  [ Lars Uebernickel ]
  * New upstream version (lp: #1171587)
  * debian/patches/git-gtkmodelmenuitem-icon-support.patch,
    - drop: fixed upstream
  * debian/patches/abicheck-dynamic-backends:
    - drop: abicheck was removed upstream
  * debian/patches/075_expose_gdkwidget_for_gtkrange.patch:
    - drop: ido doesn't use this anymore
  * debian/patches/102_add_wayland_symbols.patch:
    - drop: symbols are exported automatically now
  * debian/patches/015_default-fallback-icon-theme.patch,
    - update from debian
  * debian/patches/uimanager-guard-against-nested-node-updates.patch:
    - update: make it apply (gtkuimanager.c was moved to deprecated)
  * debian/patches/ubuntu_gtk_custom_menu_items.patch:
    - update: gtkmodelmenu was replaced by gtkmenutracker
  * debian/patches/073_treeview_almost_fixed.patch:
    - update: property wrongly marked as readable (caught by the new tests)
  * 015_default-fallback-icon-theme.patch:
    - drop: fixed differently upstream
 -- Sebastien Bacher <email address hidden>   Tue, 10 Dec 2013 11:51:53 +0100