Packages in 'Trusty' but not in parent series 'Jessie'


Packages that are listed here are those that have been added to Trusty but are not yet part of parent series 'Jessie'.

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Source Trusty version Package-sets Last changed Latest comment
0xffff 0.6~git20130406-1 2013-10-18 by Sebastian Reichel
4store 1.1.4-2ubuntu2 2013-12-24 by Logan Rosen
a2mp3 0.01-0ubuntu6 2013-10-18 by Evan Broder
about-distro 1.0.1-0ubuntu1 kubuntu 2014-02-28 by Harald Sitter
ac100-tarball-installer 0.47 2013-10-18 by Colin Watson
accounts-qml-module 0.4+14.04.20140317-0ubuntu1 2014-03-17 by PS Jenkins bot
acidrip 0.14-0.2ubuntu7 2013-10-18 by Oussama BOUNAIM
(uploaded by Daniel Holbach)
add-apt-key 1.0-0.5 2013-10-18 by Tom Marble
(uploaded by Daniel Holbach)
address-book-app 0.2+14.04.20140408.3-0ubuntu2 2014-04-14 by Ricardo Salveti
address-book-service 0.1.1+14.04.20140408.3-0ubuntu1 2014-04-09 by PS Jenkins bot
adium-theme-ubuntu 0.3.4-0ubuntu1 core 2014-02-27 by Ken VanDine
afpfs-ng 0.8.1-5ubuntu1 2013-12-24 by Logan Rosen
aften 0.0.8+git20100105-0ubuntu2 2013-10-18 by Colin Watson
alac-decoder 0.2.0-0ubuntu1 2013-10-18 by Logan Rosen
(uploaded by Daniel Holbach)
alsa-driver 1.0.25+dfsg-0ubuntu4 desktop-core, ubuntu-server 2013-10-18 by Luke Yelavich
alsa-plugins-extra 1.0.27-2ubuntu2 2013-11-27 by Dimitri John Ledkov
amule-adunanza 2012.1+2.3.1~dfsg1-0ubuntu1 2013-12-17 by Leo Iannacone
(uploaded by Daniel Holbach)
anagramarama 0.3-0ubuntu5 2013-10-18 by João Pinto
(uploaded by Fabrice Coutadeur)
anc-api-tools 2010.12.30.1-0ubuntu1 2013-10-18 by Dustin Kirkland 
android 20140328-2310-0ubuntu2 2014-04-11 by Ricardo Salveti
android-audiosystem 1.8+13.10.20130807-0ubuntu1 2013-10-18 by PS Jenkins bot
android-headers 4.2.2-2-0ubuntu1 2013-12-20 by Ricardo Salveti
android-src-vendor 7-0ubuntu1 2014-03-06 by Ricardo Salveti
anubis 4.1.1+dfsg1-3.1 2013-10-18 by Krzysztof Burghardt
apache-openid 2.0.1-0ubuntu3 2013-10-18 by Matthias Klose
apitrace 3.0+git20121018.d1c301f7-0ubuntu1 2013-10-18 by Chris Halse Rogers
app-install-data-partner 13.04 kubuntu, ubuntu-desktop 2013-10-18 by Michael Vogt
app-install-data-ubuntu 14.04.1 desktop-core 2014-04-23 by Michael Vogt
apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu 1.1.16 ubuntu-desktop 2014-04-09 by Jamie Strandboge
appmenu-qt5 0.3.0+14.04.20140415-0ubuntu1 2014-04-16 by PS Jenkins bot
apport 2.14.1-0ubuntu3.29 core 2018-06-04 by Marc Deslauriers
apport-symptoms 0.20 core 2013-10-18 by Brian Murray
apt-btrfs-snapshot 2014-02-20 by Matthias Klose
apturl 0.5.2ubuntu4.1 kubuntu, ubuntu-desktop 2018-10-08 by Vlad Orlov
(uploaded by Simon Quigley)
arm64-cross-toolchain-base 0.10 2014-03-19 by Dimitri John Ledkov
armel-cross-toolchain-base 1.104 2014-03-19 by Dimitri John Ledkov
armhf-cross-toolchain-base 1.104 2014-03-19 by Dimitri John Ledkov
arpon 2.0-2.1ubuntu1 2014-01-14 by Daniel T Chen
artikulate 4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.1 kubuntu 2014-08-12 by Philip Muškovac
aspell-id 1.2-0-0ubuntu1 2013-10-18 by Mahyuddin Susanto
(uploaded by Jonathan Riddell) 0.46-0ubuntu2 2014-03-17 by Adam Conrad
audio-convert 2013-10-18 by Benjamin Kerensa
(uploaded by Didier Roche)
aurora 1.7.3-0ubuntu1 2013-10-18 by Dustin Kirkland 
auth-client-config 0.9ubuntu1 ubuntu-server 2013-10-18 by Matthias Klose
auto-upgrade-testing 1:0.166 2013-10-18 by Adam Conrad
autopilot 1.4+14.04.20140416-0ubuntu1 2014-04-17 by PS Jenkins bot
autopilot-gtk 1.4+14.04.20140107-0ubuntu2 2014-01-08 by Martin Pitt
autopilot-qt 1.4+14.04.20140312-0ubuntu2 2014-04-14 by Ricardo Salveti
autotrace 0.31.1-16+deb7u1build0.14.04.1 2016-09-20 by Steve Beattie
avidemux 1:2.5.4-0ubuntu14 2014-03-24 by Matthias Klose
avinfo 1.0.a15+20090102-1 2013-10-18 by Bhavani Shankar
axis2c 1.6.0-6 2013-10-18 by Brian Thomason
b5i2iso 0.2-0ubuntu1 2013-10-18 by Cyrille Grosdemange
(uploaded by Sarah Kowalik)
backstep 0.3-0ubuntu6 2013-10-18 by Daniel T Chen
balloontip 2008.11.14-0ubuntu2 2013-10-18 by Benjamin Kerensa
(uploaded by Daniel Holbach)
bashdb 2013-10-18 by Oleksandr Moskalenko
bcache-tools 1.0.7-1~14.04.1 2015-09-14 by LaMont Jones
(uploaded by Chris J Arges)
bcmwl kubuntu, ubuntu-desktop 2016-12-08 by Alberto Milone
(uploaded by Tim Gardner)
bf 20041219ubuntu5 2013-10-18 by Benjamin Kerensa
(uploaded by Didier Roche)
bibletime 2.9.2-1 2013-10-18 by CrossWire Packaging Team
bibshelf 1.6.0-0ubuntu1 2013-10-18 by Tarun K. Mall
(uploaded by Chris Coulson)
bikeshed 1.42-0ubuntu1 2014-02-10 by Dustin Kirkland 
binutils-2.26 2.26.1-1ubuntu1~14.04 2017-06-14 by Matthias Klose
(uploaded by Chris Coulson)
binutils-arm64-cross 0.11.2 2015-09-30 by Matthias Klose
binutils-armel-cross 1.97.1 2015-07-15 by Matthias Klose
binutils-armhf-cross 1.98.1 2015-07-15 by Matthias Klose
binutils-powerpc-cross 0.10.1 2015-07-15 by Matthias Klose
binutils-ppc64el-cross 0.4.1 2015-07-15 by Matthias Klose
biosdevname 0.4.1-0ubuntu6.3 core 2016-03-03 by Brian Murray
bitcoin 0.8.6-1 0.8.6-1
blubuntu-look 0.3.1 2013-10-18 by Andrew Starr-Bochicchio
bluetooth-touch 0.2.2 2014-02-26 by Oliver Grawert
175 of 2602 results