gkrellshoot binary package in Ubuntu Trusty ppc64el

 This plugin gives easy access to screenlock and screenshot facilities.
 For screenshot it uses ImageMagick. The plugin displays animations
 (like a screensaver) along with 'Lock' and 'Shoot' buttons to be
 clicked on. With the 'Shoot' button one can either grab a window,
 selected area or the whole screen. It's also possible to delay the
 screenshot by a given number of seconds. Another feature is that
 grabbed images can be viewed with your preferred image viewer. Pressing
 'Lock' button will lock the screen and start your screen saver. (You
 need to have xscreensaver installed to use this feature.)

Publishing history

Date Status Target Pocket Component Section Priority Phased updates Version
  2014-02-18 22:08:39 UTC Published Ubuntu Trusty ppc64el release universe x11 Optional 0.4.4-1
  • Published on 2014-02-18