Change logs for gawk source package in Utopic

  • gawk (1:4.1.1+dfsg-1) unstable; urgency=low
      * New upstream release. 
      * Switch repacked source to xz compression.
      * Add dependency on libmpfr-dev for the new multiple precision floating-point
      * Drop PO file patches - applied upstream. Rebuilding the GMO files is no
        longer needed.
      * Add patch to fix some manpage formatting issues. 
      * Add patch from upstream to correctly use DESTDIR for extensions. 
     -- Jeroen Schot <email address hidden>  Fri, 18 Apr 2014 11:36:36 +0200
  • gawk (1:4.0.1+dfsg-2.1ubuntu2) saucy; urgency=low
      * Update config.{guess,sub} for arm64.
     -- Matthias Klose <email address hidden>   Tue, 02 Jul 2013 22:32:14 +0200