lptools 0.2.0-2 (i386 binary) in ubuntu utopic

 LP Tools allow you to work with Launchpad without ever having to deal
 with the web interface. This package provides the following tools:
  - lp-attach - attach a file to a Launchpad bug
  - lp-bug-dupe-properties - find duplicate Launchpad bug reports
  - lp-capture-bug-counts - view summary of number of bugs for a Launchpad
  - lp-check-membership - check if a launchpad user is a member of a group
  - lp-force-branch-mirror - force a new import
  - lp-get-branches - check out all the branches of a team
  - lp-grab-attachments - download all attachments for specified bugs
    or from bugs for a particular project
  - lp-list-bugs - list all bugs for a project
  - lp-milestone2ical - convert milestones on a project into the iCal format
  - lp-milestones - list and manipulate milestones for a project
  - lp-project - create and manage projects
  - lp-project-upload - upload release files
  - lp-recipe-status - show the status of the recipes owned by a particular user
  - lp-remove-team-members - remove members from a team
  - lp-review-list - list reviews for a project
  - lp-review-notifier - desktop notifier about reviews that can be done
  - lp-set-dup - mark duplicate bugs
  - lp-shell - convenient way to launch Python interpreter already logged in
    to launchpad


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lptools 0.2.0-2 source package in Ubuntu

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