Change logs for dgit source package in Wily

  • dgit (1.3) unstable; urgency=high
      Important bugfixes:
      * In option parser test `@ARGV' not `length @ARGV'.  Closes:#795710.
      * Properly quote package name when constructing regexp in
        complete_file_from_dsc.  Closes:#795736.  Also, grep the code for
        likely similar problems elsewhere and improve a (harmless) instance in
      Other improvements:
      * If a .orig in .. is a symlink, hardlink the link target into our
        private unpack directory, rather than the link itself (since latter
        won't work if the symlink is relative).  Closes:#795665.
      * Test suite: Fix t-restriction-x-dgit-schroot-build in non-adt mode.
      * Infrastructure: Improve an error message in dgit-repos-policy-debian.
     -- Ian Jackson <email address hidden>  Sun, 16 Aug 2015 17:51:02 +0100
  • dgit (1.2) unstable; urgency=high
      * Honour *.clean-mode configuration setting for --clean= mode.
      * No longer require option values to be cuddled: support `--opt val' and
        `-o val'.  Closes:#763332.
      * Fix typos.
      * Document that tags are in DEP-14 format, and that they
        are used for authenticating pushes.
      * Correct cross-reference to point to browse.d.d.o.
      * Move dgit.default.* to main CONFIGURATION section.
      * Add missing close of #793060 to changelog for version 1.1.
     -- Ian Jackson <email address hidden>  Fri, 14 Aug 2015 18:27:20 +0100
  • dgit (1.1) unstable; urgency=medium
      * When source package contains things called .git (even files, and even
        in subdirectories), remove them.  Closes:#793671.
      * Work around curl -sS -I printing `HTTP/1.0 200 Connection established'
        before the actual header, so dgit works with https_proxy set (!)
      * --new is needed for read access to packages in NEW, too.  Document
        this, and make it work properly.
      * Work around #793471 (madness with $SIG{__WARN__} and Perl's system
        builtin): move $SIG{} setting into setup_sigwarn in, and
        check getppid.
      * When invoking git-buildpackage via dgit gbp-build, consider our
        command line arguments when massaging the dpkg-buildpackage arguments,
        so that we don't end up giving dpkg-buildpackage contradictory
      * Cope with new git-buildpackage which provides gbp, rather than the
        eponymous command, on PATH.
      * Honour dgit-distros.DISTRO.cmd-CMD and .opts-CMD.  Closes:#793427.
      * Make configuration able to prevent dpkg-mergechangelogs setup.
      * Provide dgit setup-new-tree (like dpkg-setup-mergechangelogs
        but only does it if not disabled in config).
      * Set up git and from distro access config
        or DEBEMAIL/DEBFULLNAME.  Closes:#793410.
      * When key to use not specified any other way, use the debian/changelog
        trailer line.  Closes:#793423.
      * Honour --git= (mostly).
      * Fix some manpage typos.  [ Richard Hartmann ]
      * Manpage said that --clean=check was -wn but that is --clean=none;
        correctly document that --clean=check is actually -wc.
      * Document that up to -DDDD (not just -DD) is meaningfully different.
      * Document that -cname=value applies only for this run.
      * Improve manpage comment about defining a new distro.
      * Document that --quilt=linear is the default for Debian.
      * Fix a formatting problem in --build-products-dir= doc.
      * In manpage, do not seem to imply that NMU should be of only one
        new commit.
      * Qualify to Debian the manpage comment about how to do NMU.
      * In discussion on how to start using dgit when already using git, do
        not imply/assume that existing git history will have identical trees
        to dgit history.
      * Remove stray sentence in config section of manpage.
      * Manpage: Clarify wording of readonly config.
      * Manpage: Better cross-references for -k and keyid.
      * dgit(7): No longer say that dgit-repos lives on Alioth.
      * Introduce more sophisticated protocol negotiation for rpush.
      * Do not quote `:' in shellquote.
      * Print a supplementary message when push fails, giving advice to
        the user about how to retry.  Closes:#793144.
      * Slurp in entire git config, for better performance.
      * Rename `git-build' operation to `gbp-build' to make it clearer what
        it's for.  Keep the old name as an alias.
      * Show `dgit sbuild' in usage message.
      * When we are using dpkg-buildpackage to clean before using it to also
        do the build, let it do its cleaning thing as part of its run, rather
        than running it twice.  When we are _not_ supposed to be using
        dpkg-buildpackage to clean, but we are running it to do the build,
        pass -nc.
      * Also suppress spurious runs of the clean target when building using
      * When exec fails, always print the program name in the error message.
      * Infrastructure: Get mirroring right for fresh repos of existing
        packages (!)
      Packaging, cleanups, debugging and test suite:
      * Fix Vcs-Git and Vcs-Browse to refer to chiark.  (The dgit-repos on
        alioth aren't suitable right now because the master there can
        currently only be updated with an actual upload, ie dgit push.)
      * Make warnings fatal in dpkg-repos-admin-debian, dgit-ssh-dispatch
        (using setup_sigwarn).
      * Make warnings fatal in tstunt/dpkg-parsechangelog (directly).
      * Test suite: Honour DGIT_TEST_DEBUG=''.
      * With -DDDD, print out all gitcfg references (copious!)
      * Fix a debug message in the obsolete sshpsql archive access driver.
      * Test suite: More automatic enumeration of tests.
      * Test suite: Provide tests which check that all our various build
        operations run the right targets as expected (ie, that we are massaging
        the arguments to dpkg-buildpackage, and suppressing our clean target,
        etc., correctly).
     -- Ian Jackson <email address hidden>  Mon, 27 Jul 2015 16:34:31 +0100
  • dgit (1.0) unstable; urgency=medium
      * Switch to new production git repositories for reading.
        (this can no longer divert to alioth).  Public readonly access
        now works.  Closes:#791447.
      * Memoise git config lookups (big speedup!)
      * Provide -wdd aka --clean=dpkg-source-d.  Closes:#792433.
      * Provide -wc aka --clean=check.
      Manpage updates:
      * Remove some obsolete caveats from BUGS.
      * Reorganise and complete the configuration section.
      * Remove obselete comment about DMs not being able to push.
        We have, for now, a way to add keys manually.  Closes:#720173.
      Access machinery:
      * Remove configuration relating to alioth.
      * Provide for different access mechanisms when pushing.
      * Provide for configurable git url suffix.
      * Allow git-url to be '' to force fallback to git-proto etc.
      * Provide for checking git presence via http[s].
      * Do some quoting on debug output (needed if the server might not
        be trustworthy and might send us bad stuff).
      * Talk to, rather than the alias.
      * Provide for mirroring git updates to a different server.
      * Provide cgit-regen-config command for cgi-grnet-01.
      * Make dgit-ssh-dispatch not spew (harmless) warnings if caller
        tries for a shell session (ie SSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND not set).
      * Remove an obsolete comment from the code.
      * Improve an error message from dgit-repos-policy-debian.
      * Test suite: Break out t-make-hook-link.
      * Fix a manpage typo.
     -- Ian Jackson <email address hidden>  Sun, 19 Jul 2015 22:15:53 +0100
  • dgit (0.30) unstable; urgency=high
      * Client uses new infrastructure:
        - Check for new dgit git service on (ie
, with transition plan based on diversion feature.
        - Old versions of dgit will stop working when the server-side handle is
      * dgit git trees no longer contain .pc for format `3.0 (quilt)' source
        packages.  Closes:#764606.
        - It is deleted whenever we find it.
        - Older versions of dgit will choke on trees without .pc.
        - (When doing quilt fixup, we recreate a suitable .pc in a temporary
          directory so that we can do dpkg-source --comit.)
      * All users are urged to upgrade ASAP.
      Other significant improvements:
      * When generating quilt patches, try to linearise the git history into a
        series of individual new patches for debian/patches.  Closes:#770710.
      * When receiving a push with dgit-repos-server, update the server's
        refs/heads/master if we are pushing to what the distro regards as a
        relevant branch, and the push would ff master.  Closes:#728209.
      * For non-Debian distros, distro version release tags contain distro
        name a la DEP-14 (rather than hardcoding `debian/').
      * Set up a merge driver for debian/changelog.  Closes:#769291.
      * --clean=git and --clean=none cause dgit to pass -nc to
        dpkg-buildpackage, suppressing calls to the package's clean target.
        Also, expand the documentation in this area slightly.  Closes:#768590.
      * Provide --clean=git-ff (aka -wgf), which is useful for dgit itself (!)
      Minor improvements:
      * Reduce some noise output and improve the clarity of some messages.
      * Be more careful about tag updates during fetch: only update tags
        referring to uploads to distro we are trying to fetch from.
      * Change realpath dependency to `coreutils (>= 8.23-1~) | realpath'
      * Fix handling of rmadison-based and gitless distros (e.g., Ubuntu).
      * Add missing `gpgv' to test dependencies in debian/tests/control.
      * Strip `-b <branch>' from contents of Vcs-Git header, when setting up
        the vcs-git remote.  Closes:#759374.
      * Do not offer wget as an alternative dependency to curl.  We always
        unconditionally invoke curl and have no code to use wget.
      * Complain about lack of cuddled values for value-taking single-letter
        options, rather than thinking the user meat an empty value.
      * Reject (rather than ignoring) further options merged witth -wn, -wg,
      * Fix inaccurate error message when archive's git hash is not an
        ancestor of git repo's git hash.
      * Detect and bomb out on vendor-specific `3.0 (quilt)' patch series.
      * Fix the rules clean target to remove test results and output.
      Documentation improvements:
      * Break out dgit(7) from dgit(1).
      * Provide example workflow for dgit rpush.  Closes:#763334.
        (Also part of the fix for #768470.)
      * Document that dgit repos are cloneable with git, in dgit(1)
        section MODEL.  [Andreas Barth.]  Closes:#768470.
      * Better documentation for quilt series handling.
      * Document under `dgit push' that it is best to build with dgit too.
      * Other minor clarifications and improvements.
      Behind-the-scenes work:
      * Use ftpmasterapi archive query method.
        (Closes:#727702.  Also partly obsoletes #768470.)
      * New dgit-infrastructure binary package containing dgit-repos-server et
        al.  Client users probably don't want this stuff.  Also, it provides a
        convenient way to publish the dependencies.
      * Many many bugfixes to the server side (dpkg-repos-server et al.).
      * Add :..; prefix to ssh remote commands, for the benefit of future
        forced command wrappers.  Implicitly, this defines a new ssh-based
        command protocol.  Closes:#720174, #720175.
      * Distro access configuration handling changes (should not be noticeable
        to most users).
      * In places, significant restructuring or tidying up.
      * Turn all perl warnings into errors using $SIG{__WARN__}.
     -- Ian Jackson <email address hidden>  Sun, 05 Jul 2015 01:34:55 +0100
  • dgit (0.22.1) unstable; urgency=high
      * Use Dpkg::Version::version_compare everywhere, not
        Dpkg::Version::version_compare_string.  The latter is entirely wrong,
        meaning that dgit would get many version comparisons wrong.
     -- Ian Jackson <email address hidden>  Tue, 04 Nov 2014 12:46:40 +0000