Binary package “amule-daemon” in ubuntu xenial

non-graphic version of aMule, a client for the eD2k and Kad networks

 This package contains a daemonized version of aMule, amuled, that does
 not need a graphic environment to run, and can run in the background as
 well. It is normally used to be run in a machine 24/7, since the
 application continues to run if the X11 session closes.
 Included in the package is a webserver that provides an interface to
 control the daemon. Remote connections are supported, and the daemon
 can be configured to start the webserver automatically at startup. It
 is also possible to control amuled via amulecmd, from the amule-utils
 package, and amulegui, available in the amule-utils-gui package.
 See the description of the amule package for a list of features, and
 /usr/share/doc/amule-daemon/README.Debian for some basic usage notes.