Binary package “apt-cudf” in ubuntu xenial

CUDF solver integration for APT

 apt-cudf provides integration among the APT package manager and CUDF solvers,
 allowing APT to rely on external (CUDF-based) dependency solvers to plan
 package installation, upgrade, and removal.
 CUDF is a distribution-independent, standard format to describe dependency
 solving scenarios, as faced by package managers in popular package-based
 GNU/Linux distributions. APT is a well-known package manager for Debian-based
 distributions, which is able to delegate dependency solving to external
 solvers, by the means of the External Dependency Solving Protocol (EDSP).
 apt-cudf provides the glue between the EDSP protocol and CUDF solvers,
 enabling any installed CUDF solver to be used as an external solver for APT.
 Several CUDF solvers are available in Debian. They all provide the cudf-solver
 virtual package.