Binary package “botch” in ubuntu xenial

Bootstrapping helper

 botch is a collection of tools to create and analyze dependency graphs. This
 task is facilitated by a range of individual tools which use the deb822 and
 graphml formats to exchange information with each other. Also consider
 browsing the HTML based doc-base Manual at /usr/share/doc/botch/wiki/Home.html
 The tools that botch ships allow one to:
  - analyze graphs
     - botch-calcportsmetric: calculate source package importance
     - botch-calculate-fas: calculate a feedback arc set
     - botch-find-fvs: calculate a feedback vertex set
     - botch-graph-difference: graph diff
     - botch-graph-info: show info about a buildgraph or sourcegraph
     - botch-partial-order: calculate the partial vertex order
     - botch-print-stats: find cycles, selfcycles, amount of cycles through edges, feedback arc and vertex set, strong
     - articulation points and bridges
     - botch-multiarch-interpreter-problem: find all arch:all packages that allow switching architectures
  - transform Packages and Sources control files
     - botch-latest-version: only keep the latest version
     - botch-bin2src: convert binary packages to their source packages
     - botch-src2bin: turn source packages into their binary packages
     - botch-clean-repository: clean errors in a repository by removing transitively uninstallable or compilable packages
     - botch-add-arch: add architecture to source packages
     - botch-convert-arch: convert the architecture of a Packages file
     - botch-remove-virtual-disjunctions: remove virtual dependency disjunctions
     - botch-optuniv: self contained repository with minimal number of source packages
     - botch-fix-cross-problems: fix Packages files with the output of botch-cross-problems
     - botch-filter-src-builds-for: filter a Sources file for the packages building for a certain architecture
  - create graphs of different types
     - botch-create-graph: create graph based on installation sets, strong dependency sets or dependency closures
     - botch-annotate-strong: add strong dependency information to a dependency graph
  - analysis of Packages and Sources control files
     - botch-packages-diff: create a diff between two Packages or Sources files
     - botch-ma-diff: diff two packages files for differences in their multiarch values
     - botch-apply-ma-diff: applies a multiarch diff as created by botch-ma-diff
     - botch-check-ma-same-versions: check if Multi-Arch:same versions are in sync
  - handling of botch-internal formats
     - botch-stat-html: turn the JSON output of botch-print-stats into human readable HTML
     - botch-droppable-diff: difference between two *.droppable files
     - botch-droppable-union: union of two *.droppable files
     - botch-checkfas: check which edges in the fas are not droppable
     - botch-fasofstats: extract feedback arc set from output of botch-print-stats
     - botch-download-pkgsrc: download Packages and Sources
  - dose3 wrappers
     - botch-dose2html: turn the yaml output by dose-builddebcheck into html
     - botch-buildcheck-more-problems: a tool like dose-builddebcheck but return more than the first reason
     - botch-distcheck-more-problems: a tool like dose-distcheck but return more than the first reason
  - set operations on Packages or Sources files
     - botch-packages-difference: calculate the asymmetric set difference
     - botch-packages-intersection: calculate the set intersection
     - botch-packages-union: calculate the set union
  - create build orders
     - botch-build-fixpoint: find build order until dependency cycles occur
     - botch-build-order-from-zero: find a build order for a non-existing architecture
     - botch-wanna-build-sortblockers: importance of source packages for ports
  - conversion of graphs
     - botch-buildgraph2srcgraph: converts a buildgraph into a srcgraph
     - botch-graphml2dot: converts graphml to dot
     - botch-collapse-srcgraph: make a srcgraph acyclic by collapsing its strongly connected components
     - botch-profile-build-fvs: remove droppable dependencies from graph
     - botch-buildgraph2packages: convert buildgraph to packages
     - botch-graph-tred: find the transitive reduction of a graph in GraphML or dot format
     - botch-graph2text: for each vertex in a graph print a formatted line on standard output
  - shell scripts connecting the tools for meaningful operations
     - botch-cross: execute botch tools in the cross phase
     - botch-native: execute botch tools in the native phase
     - botch-transition: calculate a transition order
     - botch-y-u-no-bootstrap: Find out why Debian cannot be bootstrapped.
     - botch-y-u-b-d-transitive-essential: Find out why source packages are B-D transitive essential.
  - extract regions from graphs
     - botch-graph-neighborhood: extract the neighborhood around a vertex
     - botch-extract-scc: extract all strongly connected components
     - botch-graph-ancestors: find all ancestors of a vertex in a graph in GraphML or dot format
     - botch-graph-descendants: find all descendants of a vertex in a graph in GraphML or dot format
     - botch-graph-shortest-path: find the shortest path(s) between two vertices of a graph in GraphML or dot format
     - botch-graph-sinks: find all sinks (vertices without successors) in a graph in GraphML or dot format
     - botch-graph-sources: find all sources (vertices without predecessors) in a graph in GraphML or dot format