Binary package “checksecurity” in ubuntu xenial

basic system security checks

 Checksecurity can periodically do some very basic system security checks:
    * check-setuid - scans for insecurely mounted remote file systems,
      and tracks changes in setuid programs;
    * check-sockets - tracks changes in open ports to detect rogue programs;
    * check-passwd - scans for empty or duplicate system accounts;
    * check-disfree - scans for mounted filesystems nearing capacity;
    * check-iptables-logs - scans logs generated by iptables and look
      for intrusion attempts.
 Be aware that these minimal set of checks are no substitute for a full
 security auditing and integrity checking system.
 In addition to these checks you are encourage to install additional packages
 (listed in "Recommends") to provide more information concerning the security
 or vulnerability of your system.
 Installing the suggested package lockfile-progs can help to prevent
 the cron jobs running multiple times if something gets jammed.