Binary package “chiark-utils-bin” in ubuntu xenial

chiark system administration utilities

 This package contains a number of small administration scripts used
 by and other systems belonging to the Sinister
 Greenend Organisation. Currently featuring only:
 with-lock-ex: a simple tool for acquiring a lockfile before running
 another program or script.
 summer: a tool for reporting complete details about a filesystem tree
 in a parseable format, including checksums.
 xbatmon-simple: a very simple X client for displaying battery
 charge status.
 xduplic-copier: a very simple X client for typing into multiple windows
 at once.
 watershed: a utility for saving on superfluous executions of an
 idempotent command. (This is the same utility as shipped separately
 in Ubuntu's udev, but with slightly different defaults and a
 different install location.)
 rcopy-repeatedly: a utility for repeatedly copying a file from one
 host to another, to keep a copy constantly up to date.
 acctdump: for reading process accounting files.
 summer and watershed require the installation of the Recommended
 crypto libraries; xbatmon-simple needs the Suggested X libraries.