Binary package “dbndns” in ubuntu xenial

Debian fork of djbdns, a collection of Domain Name System tools

 dbndns is a fork of the djbdns package, including patches requested by
 Debian developers and Debian users, e.g. a patch to provide IPv6
 The djbdns package provides software for all the fundamental DNS
 DNS cache: finding addresses of Internet hosts. When a browser wants to
 contact, it first asks a DNS cache, such as djbdns's
 dnscache, to find the IP address of Internet service
 providers run dnscache to find IP addresses requested by their customers.
 If you're running a home computer or a workstation, you can run your own
 dnscache to speed up your web browsing.
 DNS server: publishing addresses of Internet hosts. The IP address of is published by HotWired's DNS servers. djbdns includes
 a general-purpose DNS server, tinydns; network administrators run tinydns
 to publish the IP addresses of their computers. djbdns also includes
 special-purpose servers for publishing DNS walls and RBLs.
 DNS client: talking to a DNS cache. djbdns includes a DNS client C
 library and several command-line DNS client utilities. Programmers use
 these tools to send requests to DNS caches.
 djbdns also includes several DNS debugging tools, notably dnstrace, which
 administrators use to diagnose misconfigured remote servers.