Binary package “dchroot” in ubuntu xenial

Execute commands in a chroot environment

 dchroot allows users to execute commands or interactive shells in
 different chroots. A typical installation might provide 'stable',
 'testing' and 'unstable' chroots. Users can move between chroots as
 NOTE: the schroot package provides a better implementation of
 dchroot. In particular:
  * dchroot quoting issues are not present. dchroot runs commands in
    the chroot with -c option of the user's default shell; when
    multiple command options are used, the options are concatenated
    together, separated by spaces. This concatenation breaks shell
  * schroot implements fine-grained access controls based on users
    and groups, either of which may be granted the ability to gain
    root access to the chroot if required.
 Using schroot will avoid these issues, as well as provide additional
 functionality dchroot does not possess.