Binary package “docbook-dsssl” in ubuntu xenial

modular DocBook DSSSL stylesheets, for print and HTML

 This package provides DSSSL stylesheets which let you convert DocBook
 SGML or XML files to various formats.
 This package contains two DocBook DSSSL stylesheets, one for "print"
 output and one for HTML. The print stylesheet can be used in
 conjunction with the RTF and the TeX back-ends that (Open)Jade
 provides to produce output suitable for printing. The HTML
 stylesheet can be used to convert DocBook documents into HTML.
 The stylesheets are modular in design so that you can extend and
 customize them.
 Note that you can also perform DocBook XML styling using the
 "docbook-xsl" package, which provides the XSL stylesheets. The XSL
 stylesheets are more actively maintained and contain more new
 features than these DSSSL stylesheets.