Binary package “dvb-tools” in ubuntu xenial

Collection of command line DVB utilities

 This is a series of tools written to help testing and working with DVB,
 using its latest V5 API. The tools can also work with the DVBv3 API.
 The current tools are:
 dvb-fe-tool: a simple test application, that reads from the frontend.
 it also allows one to change the default delivery system.
 In the future, it may be used to change any property via command line.
 dvb-format-convert: converts from zap and scan initial-tuning-data-file
 into the new format defined to work with DVBv5.
 dvbv5-scan: a DVBv5 scan tool.
 dvbv5-zap: a DVBv5 zap tool. It allows one to tune into a DVB channel,
 and to watch to a DVB service (e. g. receiving the video and audio
 streams, via another application using the dvr device).