Binary package “ebook-speaker” in ubuntu xenial

eBook reader that reads aloud in a synthetic voice

 This package provides a command-line e-reader that reads out
 electronic books using speech synthesis. It has a simple user
 interface appropriate for Braille terminals.
 Currently the following formats are supported (some formats need
 additional packages as suggested by this package):
  ASCII mail text
  ASCII text
  Broadband eBooks (BBeB)
  Composite Document File (Microsoft Office Word)
  EPUB ebook data
  GIF image data
  GutenPalm zTXT
  HTML document
  ISO-8859 text
  JPEG image data
  Microsoft Reader eBook Data
  Microsoft Windows HtmlHelp Data
  Microsoft Word 2007+
  Mobipocket E-book
  MS Windows HtmlHelp Data
  Netpbm PPM data
  OpenDocument Text
  PDF document
  PeanutPress PalmOS
  PNG image data
  PostScript document
  Rich Text Format
  troff or preprocessor text (e.g. Linux man-pages)
  UTF-8 Unicode mail text
  UTF-8 Unicode text
  XML document text