Binary package “freecdb” in ubuntu xenial

creating and reading constant databases

 freecdb is a fast, reliable, simple package for creating and reading
 constant databases. Its database structure provides several features:
  * Fast lookups: A successful lookup in a large database normally takes
    just two disk accesses. An unsuccessful lookup takes only one.
  * Low overhead: A database uses 2048 bytes, plus 24 bytes per record,
    plus the space for keys and data.
  * No random limits: cdb can handle any database up to 4 gigabytes.
    There are no other restrictions; records don't even have to fit into
    memory. Databases are stored in a machine-independent format.
  * Fast atomic database replacement: cdbmake can rewrite an entire
    database two orders of magnitude faster than other hashing packages.
  * Fast database dumps: cdbdump prints the contents of a database in
    cdbmake-compatible format.
 This package is derived from the cdb package, and uses the original
 cdb library. See