Binary package “ganeti-htools-2.15” in ubuntu xenial

cluster virtualization manager - tools for Ganeti 2.15

 Ganeti is a virtual server cluster management tool built on top of the
 Xen and KVM virtualization technologies and other free software. It
 provides an automated environment to manage highly available virtual
 machine instances.
 This package provides additional tools used for enhanced allocation,
 maintenance and capacity calculation on Ganeti clusters.
 The tools provided are:
  * hail: advanced instance allocator;
  * harep: tool for automatically repairing Ganeti clusters;
  * hbal: automatic cluster balancing tool;
  * hinfo: print cluster information;
  * hroller: rolling maintenance/reboot scheduler for Ganeti nodes;
  * hscan: used to gather cluster files for offline use in hbal/hspace;
  * hspace: cluster capacity calculator.
 This package provides the version intended for use on systems that are part
 of a Ganeti 2.15 cluster. On stand-alone systems, use ganeti-htools instead.