Binary package “icinga-idoutils” in ubuntu xenial

host and network monitoring system - icinga-dataobjects support

 Icinga is a modular monitoring framework for hosts, services, and
 networks, based on the Nagios project. It is designed to be easy to
 understand and modify to fit any need.
 Features include:
  * monitoring of network services via ping, SMTP, POP3, HTTP, NNTP, or
    TCP port
  * plugin interface to allow for user-developed service checks
  * contact notifications when problems occur and get resolved (via
    email, pager, or user-defined method)
  * support for proactive problem resolution (handlers can be defined to
    be run during service or host events)
  * web output: current status, notifications, problem history, log
    file, etc.
 This package contains icinga-dataobjects support which makes it possible
 to import Icinga status information messages into an SQL database.

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