Binary package “libcore-renderer-java-doc” in ubuntu xenial

Documentation for libcore-renderer-java

 Documentation for xhtmlrender that is an XML/CSS renderer,
 which means it takes XML files as input, applies formatting
 and styling using CSS, and generates a rendered representation
 of that XML as output. The output may go to the screen (in a
 GUI), to an image or to a PDF file.
 The main target for content is XHTML 1.0 (strict), an XML
 document format that standardizes HTML. However,
 xhtmlrenderer accepts any well-formed XML for rendering as
 long as CSS is provided that tells how to lay it out.
 In the case of XHTML, default stylesheets are provided out
 of the box and packaged within the library.
 This package contains the javadoc files of
 libcore-renderer-java and the user guide reference for